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The year 2021 holds many challenges for guests and Hotels alike. For Rubin Wellness & Conference Hotel **** the safety of it's guests is essential, which is why we have taken extraordinary measures to prevent COVID-19.

Due to the changed situation and rules, our employees received special training. The hotel’s operation thus have been modified in line with the new guidelines. A plastic barrier has been installed at reception to protect our colleagues and our guests. Cotactless disinfectant dispensers have been installed at several points of the hotel, and a thermometer is available for our guests at the reception desk as part of the first aid box.

In addition to the daily cleaning in the public areas, the handles and doors are disinfected several times a day. In the public toilets the surfaces, handles, faucets and soap dispensers are disinfected also several times a day.

Our housekeeping staff uses  hand sanitizer before entering the guest room and they are required to wear mask and gloves. Upon request of our guests, we change the bathroom linen daily and we also clean the furnitures with disinfectant. The air conditioning devices have undergone disinfection and cleaning treatment.

Our guests have the opportunity to use contactless chck in and check out, for this we recommend our free online check-in application, provided that the guest's e-mail address is available upon booking.

We prepare a breakfast package for our guests upon request, and packed cutlery is available in our restaurant.


Rules of face mask etiquette:

In the common areas of Rubin Wellness & Conference Hotel***, Rubin Business Center Rubin Grill & Café  it is compulsory to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth.

In the Rubin Grill & Café) Food and beverages can be purchased only for take away in special take-away packaging for an extra fee. It is allowed to be on the premises only for the time that is necessary for the purchase and the pick-up.

Hotel guests are exempted from wearing a mask during breakfast if the guest leave the table, takes food from the buffet table or goes to the bathroom they need to wear a mask according the current government regulation.

The type of mask can be medical mask, protective or safety mask, textile mask or a mask made from any other material. The mask cannot be replaced by scarf, schawl or any other textile put on the face.

The rules apply to everyone except children under the age of six.

A guest who does not comply with the rules of the face mask etiquette will be excluded from the services and must leave the premises.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

More informations:

E-mail: rubin@hotelrubin.hu

Phone: +36 1 505 36 00