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Experience pool

The experience pool is 8x8 m and 140 cm deep. The built in water jets slightly massage the body, stimulate blood circulation. The water temperature is usually 29 °C.

Hot tub 

At the pool area a hot tub is also available, which offers a pleasant refreshing experience. The water temperature is 32 degrees Celsius. Next to the pools comfortable sun beds and chairs provide perfect possibility to rest and relax.

Aroma cabin 

In the aroma cabin you can relax with various herbal volatile oils and the heated seats make the relaxation more pleasant. Fragrances: eucalyptus, lemon grass and orange.

Salt cabin 

In the salt cabin the evaporating salt produces an external effect: it softens the skin, on the one hand; and through inhaling it lessens inflammations, on the other. The special microclimate is very good for curing chronic respiratory organ disorders and asthma.

Finnish sauna 

The sauna is a room made of pinewood free from resin heated by making volcanic rocks red-hot up to 80-110 °C. Not recommended for heart disease patients. Do not stay in the sauna longer than 10-15 minutes; repeat it 3-4 times. Drastic change in heat exploits the organism; therefore, it is not recommended to take a sauna on more than 2-3 occasions a week.

Bio sauna

The 40-50 °C temperature creates a pleasant climate that does not burden the body; humidity in the air is 40-60%. The varying play of colour helps to relax, revitalise.

Steam bath 

Its temperature is 35-40 °C; the humidity in the air is 100 percent. It perfectly relaxes the body, turns the skin rosy, cleans the respiratory tract. Do not stay in the sauna longer than 10-15 minutes and after it relax 30 minutes.

Infra sauna 

The temperature in the cabin is only 35-45 °C, and the humidity and steam level is low, so the body is not under any burden. Thanks to the infra ray and its healing effect the time spent in the infra sauna cabin can be twice as effective than in the regular sauna.


In the fitness section of the Rubin Wellness and Sport Centre the Nautilus fitness and Technogym cardio machines are the most famous in the fitness industry.


Therapeutic massages for 25-50-75 minutes. Advance reservation is required +36 1 505 3670

Therapeutic massagesDuration1 occasion4 occasions
Manager massage
25 minutes 6 900 HUF 25 900 HUF
Tired foot massage 25 minutes 6 900 HUF 25 900 HUF
Full body therapeutic massages

Cleopatra massage 
(shea butter/rosewater/coconut oil)

50 minutes 11 900 HUF 44 900 HUF
Sport massage 50 minutes 11 900 HUF 44 900 HUF
Tokaj's massage 50 minutes 11 900 HUF 44 900 HUF
Aromatherapy massage 50 minutes 11 900 HUF 44 900 HUF
Therapeutic body treatments
Therapeutic massage with pepper cream and rolls  75 minutes 14 900 HUF 55 900 HUF
Chocolate massage with chocolate scrub 75 minutes 14 900 HUF 55 900 HUF


2 squash courts await for the guests.

Advance course booking is required:
Phone: +36 30 585 7814
Please indicate if you would like to rent a squash racket!


  • Monday: 17.30-18.30
  • Thursday: 17.30-18.30


Our standing- tanning beds await guests with EU standard lamps. On 1 minute base every guest can set the tanning time according to their personal needs.
1 minute / 100 HUF


Phone: +36 20 43 33 147
Please find the detailed prices here!
Please ask for personal appointment between 7:00 - 21:00

Baby swimming

For more information please visit: www.babauszas.hu
Phone: +36 20 9232 488


Ask for squash course offer

  • Course: